czwartek, 28 marca 2013

Choosing Framework for your business

Wich framework would be best to build company on? This graphs may help deciding. We can see that due to extensive commercial support 'Play'(blue) is really quickly closing gap to 'Spring Java'(yellow). 'Ruby on Rails'(purple) stays 'the coolest' framework, and 'Zend Framework' basically kills 'Symfony Framework'(green) play frameworkzend frameworkspring framework200520072009201120...2020404060608080100100

wtorek, 12 lutego 2013

Refactoring To Command Pattern

//usage of command pattern to refactoring big or overloaded methods
//Gigantic classes with hard to change methods
class Wrong_Customer {
    var  $_age;
    var $_bill;
    var $_man;
    function __construct($age, $bill, $man) {
        $this->_man= $man;
    //addind discount will require modyfy other classes
    //new calculation devices requre to chenge methods
    function returnFinalBill() {
        if($this->_age >60) { $discountPercent +=0.10;}
        if(!$this->_man) { $discountPercent +=0.20;}
        $bill = $this->_bill*(1-$discountPercent);   //100%=1
        return ("Wrong Customer Bill Amount: $".$bill."
"); } } interface BillPlayer { //based on sex how to calculate bill public function calculateBill($amountDue); } interface Command { //methods that change function executeCalculateBill($amountDue); } class WomanOver60 implements BillPlayer { public function calculateBill($amountDue) { return "Bill Amount for Woman over 60: $".($amountDue*(1-0.30))."
"; } } class ManOver60 implements BillPLayer { public function calculateBill($amountDue) { return "Bill Amount for Man over 60: $".($amountDue*(1-0.10))."
"; } } class ManUnder60 implements BillPLayer { public function calculateBill($amountDue) { return "Bill Amount for Man under 60: $".($amountDue)."
"; //no discount } } class Waiter implements Command { //Comander var $_billPayer; function __construct(BillPlayer $billPayer) { $this->_billPayer=$billPayer; } function executeCalculateBill($amountDue) { return $this->_billPayer->calculateBill($amountDue); } } class CashRegister { //invoker from command pattern, execute diferent methods based onobject type passed //return final bill //_Waiter diferent weiters, !adds flexibility! //stores Command's var $_command; function __construct(Command $command) { $this->_command=$command; //all things that implements command //like waiters } function returnFinalBill($amountDue) { return $this->_command->executeCalculateBill($amountDue); } } // more flexebility - only one thing to change for adding bill Payers class CustomerTypePicker { //if u want NEW bill payer tpe goes here!!! static function getManOver60(){ return new ManOver60(); } static function getManUnder60(){ return new ManUnder60(); } static function getWomanOver60(){ return new WomanOver60(); } } //adding customer group for easier to menage diferent customers class CustomerGroup { private $_customers=array(); function __construct($customers=array()) { $this->_customers = $customers; } function getCustomer($index) { return $this->_customers[$index]; } function addCustomer(BillPlayer $customer) { return $this->_customers[]=$customer; }//TODO deleteCustomer } class Main { function __construct() { $wC = new Wrong_Customer(70, 100, false); //woman Over 60 echo $wC->returnFinalBill(); } function testCommandOnWomenOver60() { $picker = new CustomerTypePicker(); $sally = $picker::getWomanOver60(); $waiter = new Waiter($sally); //sallysWaiter $bill = new CashRegister($waiter); echo $bill->returnFinalBill(100); } function testCommandOnManOver60() { //NOW better groups customers to array $picker = new CustomerTypePicker(); $bob = $picker::getManOver60(); $waiter = new Waiter($bob); //sallysWaiter $bill = new CashRegister($waiter); echo $bill->returnFinalBill(100); } function testCustomerGroup() { $picker = new CustomerTypePicker(); $customerGroup = new CustomerGroup(); $sally = $picker::getWomanOver60(); $customerGroup->addCustomer($sally); echo $customerGroup->getCustomer(0)->calculateBill(100); } } $run = new Main(); $run->testCommandOnWomenOver60(); $run->testCommandOnManOver60(); $run->testCustomerGroup();
Java implementation here:

poniedziałek, 7 stycznia 2013

Advertisement hell